1. Lucas W.

    One of my bungee networks got hacked and i need help finding the vulnerability

    Those are the logs of the exploiter who joined, and the only clues i've so far. Anyone has an idea on how to patch whatever he used to exploit the server and run commands like this?
  2. B

    Custom Hacked Client

    Hello, I'm looking for someone with experience in coding in Java for A Custom Client If you don't have a solid amount of experience you wont be able to code the features I'm requesting Version 1.12.2-(Upgrade it to 1.13 when Possible) Features -Private/Experimental -Forge Integration(Make the...
  3. Aunms

    Custom Hacked Client [1.8.8-1.8.9]

    Hello, I'm duos and I'm requesting someone who is up for the challenge to create me a custom hacked client for 1.8.8 / 1.8.9 Requirements Must be able to bypass known servers such as Hypixel.net, Veltpvp.com, and Arcane.cc Must have a ClickGUI Must have common hacks such as KillAura, Fly...
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