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  1. BerryDev

    ⍟ Krypton Anticheat - Make sure everyone is playing by the rules ⍟

    -Krypton- Tried of cheaters taking over your server? Krypton Anticheat has your back with not only blatant cheating checks but also checks made for many popular ghost clients. What about the resources required to run this anticheat? Not only is this anticheat asynchronous, but also packet...
  2. Monsiieur

    | Block all exploit commands | SuperBlockCommands config 1.0

    This is my first resource! ⚠️ The function of this plugin is to block the commands even if the player has op, this can avoid taps and incidents that anyone would not expect on their server, right? Now no more, this plugin configuration brings more than 1000 commands that block players both...
  3. Matt123SoMC

    I need a Server Lobby with four portals

    Hi, I need a lobby with four portals and I want it to be themed around a Cryptic/Hacker theme with multiple Islands in view as well (the name of my server is CrypticIsland). I'm new to MCMarket, whats the average cost for a decent server lobby/hub?
  4. MCJustGreg

    Security Team

    Hello! My name is Greg and im looking for a security team/individual to help is secure our server/network Were constantly getting hacked and need someone to help us find and patch how they are getting in We are a large community consisting of 6.1k on discord and about 100 players online. Once...
  5. YourEssentials

    JUST 3,99 ! Spy Tools / Staff Tools Handle your users POWERFUL/EASY/MUCH FEATURES 1.5.3

    SpyTools / StaffTools is an powerful tool to handle the players on your server. It has advanced tools for the moderators and administrators. An player can be inconspicuously observed and in the same time treated. If an player breaks the rules you can spectate him without him knowing and give...
  6. Croc | Premium Domain

    ᐧᐧᐧ SMUGGLE.NET ᐧᐧᐧ Great for Hackers! ************************************* Registered since 2003 thus 15 years old , won't expire until 2021 Aged dictionary keyword .net domain name Good Extension: .net is an established extension Very Short: short domains are more memorable Highly Searched...
  7. THCDevelopment

    Anti-Killaura Anticheat 2017-07-22

    []================ Description ===============[] A lot of People know the problem that anybody use Hacks and destroy the Fun of the Game. This Plugin is the Anti-Killaura solution for every Server. The plugin is very useful, because it spawns the bot at different locations the every client does...
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