hardcore factions 1.8

  1. UnforgivableSins

    PrimeHCF | The Revival of HCF | Looking for dedicated staff,media,members.

    PrimeHCF is a new and exciting revival of HCF (Hardcore Factions) that is quickly gaining popularity among Minecraft players. While there have been many attempts to bring back the old HCF experience, PrimeHCF sets itself apart by offering a unique and refreshing gameplay experience. One of the...
  2. Tjonge


    Dear everyone, HoshiMC is preparing for the beta of HCF & Practice. Of course we need staff members who can help. Do you think you are the right person for this? Contact us quickly via our discord server! With best regards Management HoshiMC Discord link: https://discord.io/hoshimc...
  3. InTheVan

    HCF/Factions Spawn 25$

    Hello i am selling a factions spawn/hcf spawn for 25$
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