1. I

    Timber and Hardware Store v1.0

    Features: High quality exterior Great Filler
  2. Syrine

    Which hardware do you servers got? | Hardware study

    Hello MCM, I think the title says it all by itself. So I would like to know the server hardware used here. These values will then flow into a completely anonymous study.
  3. CMarco

    System Info Hardware Monitor v1.7.2

    Every command in the plugin requires a permission , here's a list: systeminfo.commands.cpuload systeminfo.commands.devices systeminfo.commands.disks systeminfo.commands.htop systeminfo.commands.lscpu systeminfo.commands.sensors systeminfo.commands.uptime systeminfo.commands.vmstat...
  4. Mr.EmPee

    PCIE 3 x16 Damaged?!

    Hi guys, I know for sure that my PCIE x16 slot is damaged somehow but I don't know how that could possably have happened and what is the problem. Looking my mobo I don't see any mark of short circuit and the pins inside the pcie looks ok. What could be the problem? Thanks :)
  5. Mr.EmPee

    Would you help me find a good psu?

    Hi guys, I was looking for a good silent budget psu. I think that 550w would be ok but 650 would be better. My current system only needs 300w but who know, I may upgrade my computer one day...
  6. Boycot

    Input on Potential Rented Hardware

    Dear Potential Clients, We are currently looking for your input on whether you would be interested in the hardware that is listed below. We are currently considering the type of hardware that we would be offering our future potential clients. Your input would be greatly appreciated as it...
  7. Ian.D

    Dedicated Servers for sale

    I will be keeping this thread up to date as new hardware is put up for sale. My company specializes in selling used Servers and consumer electronic goods. We have an entire warehouse full of servers which are for sale. These are some of the many servers we have. If the specs you are looking...
  8. D

    Cheap Virtual Servers | from 1.5$/GB RAM

    Hey guys, I‘m building up a new hosting company. For testing my hardware and the webinterface I‘m selling cheap dedicated and virtual servers. Here is my limited offer. Virtual Server 0.50$ per vCore 1.50$ per GB RAM 0.25$ per 20 GB HDD Fair Use Traffic The Hardware is located in a german...
  9. Enteron.World

    ENTERON.WORLD >> Unlimited DDoS >> SSD >> $3 PER GB >> Minecraft Server Hosting

    Yes, we use the same hardware as everyone else. Intel E3. We use the same software, WHMCS, Multicraft, the same hardware, the same DDoS Protection. We're not going to lie. Anyone can do it. One of the things we prize ourselves in is that we are built on integrity. We rent the servers we use...
  10. Ivan Lau

    Do I need to upgrade my hardware if I want to be a small hoster?

    These days my friends and I have figured out to make a hosting company. We do have enough fund for it but is two Xeon-E5630 with 16GB ram is good enough for ONE machine? Also how many servers should I run on the same machine? I think I am going to use Microsoft Windows Server 2016 as our...
  11. Samuel

    Dell PowerEdge R410 - Dual Intel Xeon X5550, No RAM, No Storage [VIDEO AND PICTURES]

    Selling hardware. Dell PowerEdge R410 1U Server Dual Intel Xeon X5550 / Amazon / Intel Website No RAM installed. No storage installed. Single PSU. 4 Hotswap Bays (2 Blank Inserts) PERC RAID ASKING price is £100 GBP excluding shipping. YOU CAN SEND OFFERS. This is OLD hardware and you CAN find...
  12. George


    Hello, I've had this server for about half a year. It's been sitting in colo and been doing nothing for most of it's life. I've only used it for a few weeks when a client rented a month and charged back. The server is in Psychz Colo, it costs $35 a month and comes with 1 Gbps port, DDoS pro and...
  13. CobbleHosting

    CobbleHosting | Cheap plans | Anti-DDoS Protection | Flawless Support | 10% Off

    CobbleHosting is a company located in Canada & UK dedicated for providing customers with the best support and the best technology and hardware making their time with us unbelievable. We believe in making your servers the cheapest we can while still having enough to keep the lights on and the...
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