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  1. hvrts


  2. R

    Selling premade network bungee, hub, hcf, kits

    I am selling an premade network that has hcf, kits, hub. Msg me on discord Endijs#9716 if intrested in buying.
  3. ExtremeTier

    Looking to buy a HCF Network

    Looking to buy a HCF network with a player-base, message me on discord for more information. REQUIRMENTS: 35-100 player-base. (Active) Fully setup Forums, Portal Page, Store, Discord, TeamSpeak, and etc. Must have a logo and domain. Must have rank database so we can give all the previous...
  4. Davecraft47

    HCF World 4kx4k

    Hello, first i know this is not the *right* section but i guess not much of people in the *right* section knows much about kohi and stuff, if you are or know someone who can make me a custom world with vanilla ores and like old kohi, good for HCF pm me with offers for the kids, im not remaking...
  5. Either

    Need Staff for HCF

    Hello! We are a new brand HCF Community called DakiMC. We are currently looking for experienced and professional staff members. If you’re interested please apply here: https://form.jotformeu.com/80346184096359 Join our Discord Server here: https://discord.me/DakiMC
  6. FineArts_

    Conquest v2017-03-13

    Conquest by Butter_CTM & FineArts you can buy in sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/i5ND/ more builds: https://sellfy.com/Fin3Arts contac me skype for more info: superangelxz
  7. Jami

    HCF Spawn!! - Unique

    Hi there folks! Today I am selling this HCF Spawn that I made in a couple of days! This is also to earn some rep! INFO: Includes place for crates (4 Crates) Includes place to add shop (Pagoda) PRICING: STARTING BID: $5 BIN: $20 SCREENSHOTS / PROOF I MADE IT: EDIT: Adding more screenshots!
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