1. TheDiscoveryNW

    Skript Pet System v1.0

    !!! IMPORTANT INFO !!! NOW 50% OFF!! Updates will come in the future! Hi, thank you for looking into our product. Some info about the script, You will need Skript, SkBee and skript-gui You can theoretically equip infinite pets (customisable) You can theoretically store infinite pets...
  2. PixelMine

    Pet Head Icons v1.1

    55 High quality pet head icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or just a selection. Allay Axolotl Bat Bee Blaze Cat Cave Spider Charged Creeper Chicken Cow Creeper Drowned Elder Guardian Ender Dragon Enderman Endermite Fox Ghast Glow Squid Guardian Hoglin Husk Iron Golemn Llama...
  3. MoTy

    Planting&Eating - Create Unique Plants v1.2.4

    Create unique farming experiences like never before with Planting&Eating Expand the unlimited possibilities for your SMP server! Customizable plants, foods, heads, and recipes 5 sorts of plant types Base64 head texture value supports (Minecraft Heads) Custom model data support Hex color...
  4. Aelin

    Slime Face Icons - Slimey Colorful Tebex v2021-02-15

    10 icons for $4.99 Free to use in any way you want. Included the Illustrator file
  5. ReflexShow

    ⭐ HeadsBounty ⭐ Sell Heads, Custom Head Drops, Shop, GUI, Statistics, Customize! [1.13.x-1.16.x]

  6. ReflexShow

    Heads Bounty v2.9

    MAIN GUI MENU SHOP GUI MENU CUSTOM HEAD DROPS (BY PLAYERS/MOBS) [Disabled by default] (Configurable) On default, the killer and the kill date will be printed on the hunted head's lore, both are able to be disabled, fully customizable. [/SPOILER]
  7. ReflexShow

    Heads Bounty Legacy v1.4

    NOTICE: This version of HeadsBounty aren't supported any longer, I will not release any future features update, only bug fixes if needed. Take a look at HeadsBounty for 1.13 and above Allows your player to sell heads to dealer, than to go shop and buy your awesome custom items! In addition...
  8. Dark_Snake123

    Player sell head and mob

    Hi I am interested in if anyone has a plugin that you can sell players and mobs heads for money. So the mob heads your set a custom value and for the player heads it takes a percentage of there in-game money And you use a /sellheads command or /heads If there is anyone leave me a message and...
  9. SMKM

    Hiring - High Quality Skin Designer

    I need 5 custom heads that will look like mystical chests. I am looking for a high quality skin designer that might be able to do this for me. I will get into further detail to anyone who is possibly interested in doing this. Budget: Around $35