helful builders

  1. EqZe

    WildUHC is looking for moderators.

    Hello everyone, Do you like UHC? WildUHC is looking for moderators for the next Big UHC Community. WildUHC is a new server that hosts old-school UHC games, with prizes. The server is still under construction, so we need you also to help us building our community. *In order to get accepted you...
  2. H

    Kitpvp server looking for staff

    Hi I'm Hyptik and I've been working on a Kitpvp server for a while. I have a few more slots for staff if anyone is interested! The server will be released soon so we just need a couple more staff. 1 Builder 1 Developer 1 Moderator 3 Helpers My discord is Hyptik#9962. Dm me if interested. I...
  3. J

    Staff Management and Money loans (Investor) - Getting any server staff team to the top!

    To any ownership team that it may concern! My offer/Experience: Hello, my name is John! This post is to get my service out to the Minecraft multiplayer server community! I'm in the staff management business, I'm currently a manager at my part-time job, and would love to pursue a career in...
  4. Bradley Shoolbred

    Looking for Builders

    Dear Builder! We are working hard on our network to become one of the best international servers. And of course, that does not work with a small team, so we need more help from experienced builders. As you might. We are working with more highly experienced Builders, even where you can pick up...
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