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help me xd

  1. Jolt

    [HELP] Scoreboard / queue system [hubcore]

    Hi, I have recently been working on a hubcore and the final things on my to-do list is to add a queue system / server selector and to fix the scoreboard. About the scoreboard So, I am coding this in 1.7.10 which has a 16char limit when it comes to scoreboard and I cant seem to get any of these...
  2. yeetstar

    HCF - PvPTimer cannot capture KoTH. (Requested)

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can develop a plugin for me. A way that people with PvPTimer (I use HCFStuff PvPTimer) cannot capture the KoTH (I am using Subside KoTH 1.2.1). Maybe that there will appear glass like TagSpawnProtection but then around the koth capture area. I hope someone...
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