1. Rich12799

    [1.7-1.13] Mineplex Treasure Chests ($5)

    Mineplex Treasure Chest Plugin This plugin works very similar to Mineplex's in that you simply walk up to a designated Treasure Chest (filled with as many customizable chests as you like) and select which chest you would like to open. Provided you have enough keys, you are teleported to the...
  2. Nty

    Animated holographic background request

    Hey there, I need a "holographic" color changing background for a website. The background has to be big enough for a website and be a constant loop. As for format I don't mind it being a gif or a video. Something like this: But shaped and colored more like this: As I said I need it for a...
  3. Nty

    Geometric logo design request

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