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hosting company for sale

  1. Vhost

    [HOSTING COMPANY] Looking for Partners 🚀

    A couple of months ago in Vhost we undertook the adventure of creating a hosting company, during these months we have been preparing everything necessary (web, workers, servers, etc.) to go to market. We are a small recently created start up and we are looking for partners, to invest and...
  2. MattsWorld

    Looking to Acquire a Hosting Company

    Hi everyone, I hope all is well & everyone is safe! I'm looking to acquire a hosting company that is established, to turn into my (not yet released) smart hosting concept. It must have a fair number of clients & a good reputation. Maximum Budget will be $1,000 & I'll make offers. You can DM me...
  3. InsertNameHere

    Mine Host Website For Sale

    As some of you might now I'm the owner of MineHost.Co. I have many tests and exams coming up and for that reason, I down have time to keep on top of all the business and support aspects of MineHost. I shut it down for now abut a week ago and now I am selling the website files. MineHost hs a lot...
  4. GigabyteHosting

    GigabyteHosting - For SALE as-is (See thread for details)

    It's been a year since we opened. Now its time for us to move onto a different project. We are selling the company as-is. Please email us if your interested (and for full details): [email protected] Included: - All website files - Ownership of Web files - Active SSL Certificate -...
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