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hub 8 portals

  1. _8bit

    [HQ] HUB with 8 portals | Royal themed | $5.99 | 137x137 2021-02-25

    This product is a .schematic file of a HUB with 8 portals with a size of 137x137, to be used on Faction Servers. It also has plenty of space for integration with Holographic Displays and/or server information signs. [?] Instructions: Buy build, Load into world, Done! (no plugins required to...
  2. MrZent


    ///-/// Never Used ///-/// //////////////////// My Discord: Luis#1168 //////////////////// (Exclusive) Price: 12 USD (Non-Exclusive) Price: 8 USD Images:
  3. IIe4eH10wKo

    8x portlas HuB [size:100x100] only 7$

    Hey guys. Today i selling exlusive HuB So cheap, because without very detailed. Size HuB 100x100 Max used portals = 8 The inscriptions on the portals can be changed as you wish You can contact me here, or skype : efir.dampir
  4. Wufie

    Hub Spawn || 4-8 portals || High Quality || 3$ Hey, we currently selling this hub non exclusive for 3$, there is up to 8 portals, great for low budget networks you will receive the map as a schematic folder Terms of service: You are not allowed to chargeback you are not allowed to post the map for free...
  5. SkyBuild

    ⛔ [Exclusive] Detailed Hub! (8 portals) ⛔ [SOLD]

    ⛔ [Exclusive] Detailed Hub! (8 portals) ⛔ ⛏ SkyBuild. (See in better quality - Click here) This is a excelent Hub for all servers. It has features that make it look like a mixture of styles (Medieval and Fantasy), which makes see the map with better quality and details, the map have 8 portals...
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