hub building

  1. MCCharity

    2 Portal Skyblock / Floating Hub [200x200]

    Skyblock / Floating Hub Cost: $3.25 Non-exclusive Website: Resource: Includes: One 200x200 Skyblock / Floating Hub Notes: Spawn is approximately 200x200 Has 2 Portals Includes plenty of open space to add any...
  2. ApiDev

    Lobby - Spawn - hub (High-Quality) (Schematic) v1.0

  3. R

    Custom Build Hub

    Hello users of! Are you looking for a custom Minecraft server hub build? Well I am the one to help you out! I have made some very nice hubs in my opinion! If you want to purchase one, please email [email protected] with the size, them, shape, and other details. Each build...
  4. ClockPvP

    Server Hub

    Hello MC-Market, Today I am selling this server hub, that originally used for my server about 2 years ago, however I do not need it anymore. I have full resell rights. All other information can be found below. ____________________________ Starting Bid - 3$ BIN (Buy it now) - 9$ Bid Increments...
  5. VolTec

    Medium Hub with 4 server portals v1.1

    The It has 4 hub portal with initial inscriptions "Creative, Survival PvP, Minigames and SkyBlock" Wonderful terrain, a magical environment ideal for starting servers. Build includes: 4 Server portals Wonderful terrain Houses and boats PRICE: 5.00$ 3D preview: [CLICK HERE]
  6. Mr. Mw


    = Lobby $ 10 = SKYPE: Vincent.wallsten If you have any questions or if you're intrested in bying the lobby contact me on my skype. = =
  7. VolTec

    Server Lobby - High quality v1.2

    The lobby is wonderful. There are many details in the lobby. There are also gift a small lobby game with elytra. The size of the lobby is 350x350. The lobby works with blocks of 1.8+! There are extra spaces for mystery boxes! Build includes: MusteryBox zone Elytra game VIP House PRICE...
  8. Khusama


    Post cerrado
  9. OnlineModz

    Cheap Price We Build Hub/Spawn maps and tons more

    MCRealm Build Team Price Starting at 15 dollar. First How to get us Easy Contact us. Skype LifeGeon2025 Email Us [email protected] Buildings = Some of them we did not make but we can make them we have allot of skills. We can make allot more tell us your them. Connact us now...
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