1. WitherBlood

    AmongUs | Tasks, MySQL, Sabotages, Customizable Skins, Cameras, Sword Skins and more! v1.9.3

    Based on the popular role-playing and mystery game Among Us. With this plugin you can get the closest experience to how the famous game in Minecraft would be. The plugin was developed with the following features. ✔ Custom Skins ✔ Hats Selector ✔ All game settings ✔ MySQL Database ✔ Statistics...
  2. Ivain

    --->> IMPOSTOR WARNING!! <<---

    I was just contacted by a user about buying an account from me. The person they contacted originally is using my name and avatar. My discord is #Ivain1948, This guy is Ivain#6389. Please make sure to confirm with this account or with @pelioptic on twitter before doing any business with me, and...
  3. Incrementing

    @William. Impostor

    (Probs wrong section?... :p). So this kid just added me on skype asking if I wanted to buy a Minecon cape and/or ticket. I clicked the mc-market profile link in his mood and then PM'd the dude asking for his skype because it was odd that he added me directly. I got this auto-reply... Clearly...
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