interior ready

  1. Mayank Senpai

    Greek / Athens Style Acropolis v1.0

    A fairly detailed Roman / Greek / Athens Acropolis type build, its not exactly a acropolis per say but its very similar in design! its just a fun little build that I did while being bored 100x75 are some approx. dimensions MayankXus is open for Commissions! DM: mayankxus on discord
  2. Crazyspartan

    Medieval Rustic/Fantasy House Pack 11-pack w/small castle (Cheap)

    Hello all! This is a smaller House Pack I am selling, that I made originally for a private server series, but never went through. The pack includes the following: 1. 5 Tier-1 Homes. They range from a small Smithy, a small walled in house, a normal town house, a small tower, and a small thatch...
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