1. VeryDankMemes

    Jennix Prison - Files + Logo + Domain + Banner + Trailer

    Hello, I am selling one of the servers I own. (I bought this server off of ViaVersion and I am using alot of his post, so don't call me a scammer! I can get proof that I own this if needed) It's peak was at 20+ players and it made about $100 in donations, however it shut down after 2 weeks due...
  2. VeryDankMemes

    (PAID)YouTubers For Jennix Prison - Small Classic Prison Server

    Hello people of Mc Market! Today, I am here to find some YouTubers for my new server, Jennix! Click here for more info on the server Here is the server trailer Here are the requirements to be a YouTuber. I will pay $3-5 an episode for every 1000 subscribers if you are a paid YouTuber: PAID...
  3. VeryDankMemes

    Jennix Prison - Classic Prison

    Hello Everybody. I am VeryDankMemes, the owner of a classic prison server called Jennix. I am here just to spread the word about my server. We use the TitanMC classic prison map, but we don't have all the same aspects as them! We currently have different donator wards, different mine...
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