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  1. Nuclear_kid

    Jungle-Network [logo/domain name/server-icon]

    Hey, I recently Closed my Minecraft server, and am wanting to sell the domain name and logo (together). I use Skrill as a payment method so you can set the price, as it will take you more effort to add money to your account if you don't already have an account. a preview of the logo is here...
  2. Nuclear_kid

    Minigame Developement!

    Hello! I own a network and i need a custom minigame made. It is based on a mob arena but its a little more complicated :) If you are interested please post in the comments or PM.
  3. Nuclear_kid

    What Arcade/Mini-game would you like to see on my server?

    Hey all! I'm interested in setting up an arcade/mini-game on my network, but not sure which. I'm not too interested in setting up skywars, spleef and mainstream games alike. However if the game is in demand, I'm happy to set the game up! Hope to hear from you all!
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