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  1. GhostAndry

    Anti killaura bot plugin?

    hi, I'm looking for a plugin for an anti killaura bot that can only be triggered by a command like that of matrix or intave. would anyone be able to advise me something?
  2. RE_DEV

    [23.3$] Matrix Anti Cheat (1.8 & 1.12~1.15)

    [Buy it there] ( Home Page | bStats | Issue Tracker | Discord Server ) # General Matrix is an anti-cheat solution dedicated to the rapid detection of mainstream hacking methods. This plugin can quickly detect the most common forms of hacking and cheats, such as KillAura or Speed. You...
  3. RE_DEV

    Matrix Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.19 | 1.2k+ Purchases 6.8.27

    Please read all of the overview carefully before purchase! Buying a plug-in means that you have received our user agreement!! After you bought the plugin, please join our discord server, and PM me to get the premium user account and discord role!(DM RE) Introduction Matrix is an advanced...
  4. LIWKI

    AtomAC | Advanced detections $$ DISCOUNTINUED B9

    AtomAC is an advanced skript anti-cheat that lets you rest when it's catching hackers. The anti-cheat is mainly for combat cheats but movement checks are under development. Checks AtomAC currently offers 15 checks which are the following x2 Range ( A, B ) x2 Autoclicker ( A, B ) x3 Killaura ( A...
  5. JP


    Thank you for seeing my Plugin this plugin made like Hypixel (Tested with 1.:cool: after purchasing the plugin Join the Discord to get the license GOAL 5 Purchases ✔️ (<3) 10 Purchases ✔️ ( :)) 15 Purchases ✔️ ( :rolleyes:) 20 Purchases ❌ (Kappa) 40 Purchases ❌...
  6. S

    1.11.2 External (Ghost) MobAura

    Hello friends and dear programmers, I am requesting an external or ghost client for an RPG server that has its own client (need to bypass that) To be exact, I want something like Wurst or Huzuni killaura externally, or to be able to start on the server's client. Client is not on Forge...
  7. Foxs Pet

    Selling Minecraft Hacked Clients

    Hello, IDK if this is legal on mc-market or not, but I checked the rules. Anyways I am done with hacking, and I want to sell my hacked clients. I can give u proof of ownership, and if you'd like a screenshare of me logging in and doing stuff. What I am selling: Flux Obscure Contact me via...
  8. THCDevelopment

    Anti-Killaura Anticheat 2017-07-22

    []================ Description ===============[] A lot of People know the problem that anybody use Hacks and destroy the Fun of the Game. This Plugin is the Anti-Killaura solution for every Server. The plugin is very useful, because it spawns the bot at different locations the every client does...
  9. Hytax

    Hacked Client

    Hello guys. I'm looking for a developer to code me a hacked client which has the latest bypasses on all popular servers (Mineplex, Hypixel etc). I would like most things like KillAura (Switch, Tick and Multi) Reach, AutoArmour, Regen (Which bypasses Mineplex), Hypixel fly and more. PM me if you...
  10. anonymousplugins

    AVG - AntiCheat

    Introducing: Currently, working on a new AntiCheat named AVG Why choose AVG over another AntiCheat? AVG comes packed with more features than other AntiCheat. AVG has 5 Unique Kill Aura Checks that allow the AntiCheat to detect different types of Kill Aura, AVG also has Phase Check that can...
  11. anonymousplugins

    PAC - Patrol Anti-Cheat

    Introducing: Currently, working on a new AntiCheat called Patrol. Why choose Patrol over another AntiCheat? Patrol comes packed with more features than other AntiCheat. Patrol has 4 Unique Kill Aura Checks that allow the AntiCheat to detect different types of Kill Aura, Patrol also has Phase...
  12. P

    Ghost Client [Injection Client] - Undetectable 100% | CHEAP SALE! |

    As you may know there's a explicit Ghost Client which had just released a few days ago, and it's developed by 'IRC'. I was his first customer of his ghost client and now we have contacted eachother through skype and now he has given me administrator on his client & I have permission to resell...
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