1. Mapogo Studios

    PlayerKits Config +15 Kits v1.1

    FEATURES: 20 Kits Icon Player Head Small letters Detailed Menus PREVIEW: IMAGES:
  2. StellarMine

    Stellar OneBlock - Unmatched Oneblock v1.0

    [/SPOILER] You need to install these plugins manually! CITIZENS (Fullwall): TAB (NEZNAMY):
  3. Diekieboy

    Kitmenu | Deluxemenus Config v1.0

    Requirements For the configuration to work well, Oraxen or ItemsAdder are required. Installation Oraxen: Drag & drop the Oraxen folder into your main plugins directory and let the files automatically merge Reload the Oraxen plugin with /oraxen reload ItemsAdder: Drag & drop the ItemsAdder...
  4. Revenant.exe

    KitPvP Deluxe | Premium Server Setup v1.0

  5. Manered

    Continuum Arenas v1.0.41

    This plugin is apart of the Continuum Development Plugin Series. Support/Continuum:
  6. qDum

    Kits GUi v1.0

    NOTE: The config only includes the ability to claim kits. You must make the kit rewards yourself using essentialsx.
  7. Athlaeos

    ValhallaKits - ValhallaMMO add-on v2.0

    ValhallaKits Requires ValhallaMMO ValhallaKits is a lightweight kits plugin allowing you to make kits for your players to claim. Kits can have A cooldown (or be single-use) Have a cost (using Vault) Execute commands when obtained Be locked behind a configurable permission Have up to 45 items...
  8. Darkxx-14

    XyrisKits v1.0.2.1

    Xyris Kits is the first kit plugin to feature a kit editor for each player, a layout editor, optimized, PlaceholderAPI support, and customizable. ⭐ Easy To Use Our plugin, Xyris Kits, is very user-friendly. Everything is straightforward and easily understandable. ✨ Kit Editor Ever seen a kit...
  9. xShyo_

    Survival Setup | Professional Server v1.5

    Explore the ultimate thrill of survival with our game settings. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world where every detail has been carefully designed to offer an unparalleled experience. Test Server: Discord: (here) TAB Full version Version 4.0.3...
  10. Manered

    Continuum FFA v1.1.1

    This plugin is apart of the Continuum Development Plugin Series. Support/Continuum:
  11. Manered

    Continuum Kits v2.0.6

  12. NimoEkisde

    nGkits v1.2

    Discord Support: Compatibility ↴ • All Spigots [1.7.X-1.20.X]
  13. Trippyn

    Kits GUI | DeluxeMenu | Preview Kits v1.1

    This is CONFIGURATION not a PLUGIN With this menu your players can claim their kits with few clicks. You can preview every kit. Made on 1.20 version Cooldown on collecting kits Preview every kit 6 options for kit Need permission to claim kit I will appreciate any reviews For support...
  14. B


  15. BoshyDev

    PlayerKits2 Professional Config v1.1

  16. Trust Team

    Survival RPG EN l ES v1.0

    ⚡ Exclusive server with RankUP system, daily/weekly rewards, upgrade system, auctions, exclusive dungeons, custom enchantments and much more ⚡ Server available for Spanish and English languages ⚡ Remember to test the server before making your purchase, this way you won't have any problems...
  17. LinsaFTW

    EssentialsLite v0.0.7

    EssentialsLite is a versatile, all-in-one plugin designed to enhance server functionality and user experience. It offers a comprehensive set of features, focusing on essential commands and utilities tailored for server management in Minecraft. The plugin aims to streamline gameplay and...
  18. Luisitohh_

    Global FFA Setup v1.3

    5 Arenas pvp 1 Main Spawn 13 modificable kits 36 Custom menus Player Options Global Stats and per arena Global LeaderBoard and per arena LeaderBoard (kills): AllTime, Monthly and weekly 31 Holograms Economic system CombatLog System Block remover Spigot optimization TAB config MOTD config Custom...
  19. Ultimate Setups

    Kits Menu | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    High Quality Kits Menu for all Servers to make use of with Essentials & Deluxe Menus Need more information about config, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. (For the fastest answer, contact me on discord) DISCORD: ultimatesetups BUILTBYBIT: Private Message...
  20. zayoooo

    Kit Selector v1.0

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