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  1. ConfigsMC

    Mob Farm Manager - Hold More players vMob Farm Manager - Hold More players

    Unlock Limitless Potential with our Tailored Mob Farm Manager Configuration! Elevate your Minecraft server with our finely-tuned Mob Farm Manager configuration. Designed for peak optimization without compromising player experiences, this resource is your gateway to a bustling and lag-free server...
  2. Caicy

    Lag.PRO #1 Lag Preventer [$9.99] [Break.PRO Product]

    Hey MC-Market users, today i'm here showing and selling the plugin Lag.PRO. This plugin has a lot of features to improve the game-play for the users and staff. The plugin uses a lot of features to raise the TPS and smooth out the servers game-play. Features in the product. #1 Mob-stacking...