Voting Sites Link Tree v1.0

    Unlimited vote links Display rewards that a player will get after voting Clean discord embed 100% Accessible Peak Performance Easy to customize Works on all devices Modern design Customize the website to your liking! Google lighthouse report Your players can vote even when they...

    FREE - Linktree Website | Demo Preview v1.2

    LICENSE Free to use, no credit required. But if you want to credit me, just do it, it's always appreciated :) You can also redistribute this template, but please don't sell it.
  3. Automating

    oLinks | Self-hosted LinkTree vunmaintained

    Information Self-Hosted Links a website where you can link all your social media/website accounts on one page. Photo Installation Download the files. Edit the links in index.html. Choose your colours and update the footer in style.css. Upload the files to your WebHost and you're good to go!
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