liteban configuration

  1. converting.toBEST

    Premium LiteBans Configuration v1.0

    Professional and Attractive Ban layouts! Clean Punishments UI! Descriptive & Clean Warn/Mute messages! Multiple Color Variations to use accordingly! Text Relative Icons used for Better Visualizations! Modified Color Gradients! Hover Messages for more Information! Text-Assembled-Symbols for Mute...
  2. Aeon

    LiteBans Messages Configuration | v1.0.2

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a message lang file configuration for the plugin LiteBans with beautiful hex colors and small-caps font text. Supports 1.16.1 and above. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.4 NOTE: This configuration only modifies everything related to the...
  3. H

    Minemen Club Punishment Messages Remake!

    *-*-* Litebans Messages! *-*-* Created by Dossiers Note: If you'd like a custom config then feel free to leave a PM here or on discord! Message broadcasted when a player is banned. Message broadcasted when a player is unbanned. Message broadcasted when a player is muted...
  4. SnazzyApples

    [Free] Plugin Config

    I am offering extensive plugin configurations for the following plugins: - Crazy Crates - Crazy Envoy - Lite Bans - Advanced Anticheat, Spartan Anticheat, and No Cheat Plus All I ask for is good rep in return for doing this. Message me if you are interested. :)
  5. Marchi

    [Sale 40% off] LiteBan Messages [4 Packets] v1.2

    what i get if i buy this? *Message.yml for 4 styles of messages you see down below *Red&dark red *Blue&white *Purple&dark purple *Green&dark green <Features> All messages are configured. *Banned *Unbanned *Mute *Unmute *warn *Unwarn *Tempban *Tempmute *Tempwarn etc <<ScreenShoots>>...
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