1. converting.toBEST

    Premium LiteBans Configuration v1.0

    Professional and Attractive Ban layouts! Clean Punishments UI! Descriptive & Clean Warn/Mute messages! Multiple Color Variations to use accordingly! Text Relative Icons used for Better Visualizations! Modified Color Gradients! Hover Messages for more Information! Text-Assembled-Symbols for Mute...
  2. Aeon

    LiteBans Messages Configuration | v1.0.2

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a message lang file configuration for the plugin LiteBans with beautiful hex colors and small-caps font text. Supports 1.16.1 and above. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.4 NOTE: This configuration only modifies everything related to the...

    LiteBans | Modern Design | Cheap v1.1

    TEBEX PAYMENTS SUPPORTED! MORE THAN 30 PAYMENT METHODS AVAILABLE LITEBANS MESSAGES CONFIGURATION ・・・・・ Use a quality messages configuration for better look which enchants the players REQUIREMENTS ・・・・・ For configuration to work you will have to use version 1.19-1.20.1, and you need at least 4GB...
  4. Mcthemes

    Lighten Premium LiteBans Theme v1.1

    For detailed information and support, contact Anka#9999.
  5. CustomMan

    setting up liteban on website

    Hello im wondering if anyone in here is experinced enough with liteban. im trying to see if its possible to setup liteban with tebex. or how i go about setting up liteban page. Discord Officer502#0001
  6. gap


  7. Johnn

    Stellar Litebans Theme v1.1

    ANNOUNCE! IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS RESOURCE Contact us on Discord: Johnn#8299 or email us at [email protected] [/SPOILER] Discord: Johnn#8299 - Installation, configuration, edits, custom templates have an additional price. - Breaking Terms of Service may result in the removal of...
  8. Johnn

    Euphoria Litebans Theme v1.1

    ANNOUNCE! IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS RESOURCE Contact us on Discord: Johnn#8299 or email us at [email protected] [/SPOILER] ✔ Animated Logo ✔ Navigation Menu ✔ Responsive on all Devices ✔ Clean Code ✔ Player Count ✔ IP Copy ✔ Installation Help ✔ Fast Support ✔ Arranged Categories &...
  9. Jesse Pinkman


    Ultimate LiteBans Theme - Pie - You need your own hosting for this template, this resource is just a theme that will be applied to your currently existing LiteBans website. (You can't directly implement this on Enjin, but can link it through navigation - different host) - Logo from the resource...
  10. TripleZone

    Premium Bans v1.0.5 STABLE

  11. BCraft

    LiteBans GUI - NEW VERSION v1.2

    LiteBans SETUP | Personalized LiteBans messages/Quick punishments menu ▪ Fully customizable, both messages and items You can add your own punishments and duration times All files included Various styles of LiteBans (COMING SOON) * Two languages (COMING SOON) PLUGINS PREMIUM ➤...
  12. Kwinix

    LiteBans Messages VeltPvP Style FREE v2018-07-24

    LITEBANS CONFIG This is a config for LiteBans, VeltPvP style! TempBan Ban IP-Ban // Blacklist TempMute Mute
  13. Marchi

    [Sale 40% off] LiteBan Messages [4 Packets] v1.2

    what i get if i buy this? *Message.yml for 4 styles of messages you see down below *Red&dark red *Blue&white *Purple&dark purple *Green&dark green <Features> All messages are configured. *Banned *Unbanned *Mute *Unmute *warn *Unwarn *Tempban *Tempmute *Tempwarn etc <<ScreenShoots>>...
  14. PixelMine

    Litebans Messages Config v1.3

    Created by SeaLegend You will receive a folder containing 2 folders with the messages.yml, All you need to do is drag the file into your litebans folder and replace your old messages.yml Litebans v2.2.3 Older versions would need to change $executor to $displayname BAN TEMPBAN KICK MUTE...
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