1. HypeStudios

    Config LiteBans RGB Color v0.1

  2. Rushboe

    Minecraft PHP Banlist v1.4

    Minecraft PHP Banlist A modern web application for displaying your punishments online. Simple connection with the plugin using MySQL database. Live Demo English and Czech language Modern responsive design Support for top punishment plugins Highly customizable Server scopes support Detail...
  3. iumproject

    Unique Litebans Configuration v1.0

  4. Vuhp

    Atomic | Unique Litebans Website v1.0-beta

  5. wandr

    HistoryX | GUI-based Moderation v1.0.1

    HistoryX | v1.0.1 | Configuration Revamp HistoryX is a plugin that provides a solution to history viewing when conducting moderative actions. Using default systems such as chat-based history becomes too cluttered and hard to use; HistoryX upgrades to a clean, seamless experience utilizing...
  6. Ph4ntom

    Premium LiteBans Configuration v1.1

    Professional and Attractive Ban layouts! Clean Punishments UI! Descriptive & Clean Warn/Mute messages! Multiple Color Variations to use accordingly! Text Relative Icons used for Better Visualizations! Modified Color Gradients! Hover Messages for more Information! Text-Assembled-Symbols for Mute...
  7. StellarMine

    Stellar LiteBans - Colorful & Smart v1.0
  8. Diekieboy

    Litebans Config | Ph4ntom Series v2.0

  9. Albert

    LiteBans Config v1.0

  10. Albert

    AdvancedBan Config - Latest v1.0

  11. Aeon

    LiteBans Messages Configuration | v1.0.2

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a message lang file configuration for the plugin LiteBans with beautiful hex colors and small-caps font text. Supports 1.16.1 and above. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.4 NOTE: This configuration only modifies everything related to the...
  12. A

    LiteBans Messages Configuration v1.1

    Introducing our fully customized LiteBans configuration, built from scratch and extensively tested. Inside, you will find stunning messages with HEX color codes and a stylish "small caps" font. Additionally, our configuration includes hover messages that provide additional information about...
  13. Promotionify

    LiteBans Hypixel | Basic Configuration v2.5

    CONFIGURATION: this is not a plugin this is a configuration. Litebans: This configuration contains basic hypixel ban message, If you require additional assistance - Don't hesitate to contact me - promotionify
  14. GeniusWolf

    Eternal | Unique Litebans Website v2023-11-09

    Installation 1) Put all files to your website folder. 2) Go to config.php, edit login details to yours MySQL login details and change other settings.

    FREE BanAnnouncer Template v1.1

    Make your ban announcements better with this clean template. More Screenshots: Contact me on Discord: Click on the link above names [Discord] [Discord Invite]

    LiteBans | Modern Design | Cheap v1.1

    TEBEX PAYMENTS SUPPORTED! MORE THAN 30 PAYMENT METHODS AVAILABLE LITEBANS MESSAGES CONFIGURATION ・・・・・ Use a quality messages configuration for better look which enchants the players REQUIREMENTS ・・・・・ For configuration to work you will have to use version 1.19-1.20.1, and you need at least 4GB...
  17. Atlantezzzs

    [CLOSED] Litebans Configuration

    Hello BuildByBit, I'm looking for someone that is willing to fully configure the template.yml for me. I have a document where all punishments and the duration of the punishment is mentioned Shoot me a DM and we can discuss a price then. Discord: Atlantezzz#0001
  18. benketomi

    LiteBans Hungarian translation - Design v1.1

    HU: A LiteBans plugin dizájnos Magyarosítása! messages.yml Berakás: 1. Cseréld ki a messages.yml fájlt 2. Töltsd újra a plugint és készen is vagy! (/litebans reload) EN: A designed Hungarian translation for the plugin LiteBans! messages.yml Insertion: 1. Replace the messages.yml file. 2...
  19. Savaa

    🔯 Selling Litebans Messages ( Plugin Gratis if you buy ) 🔯 ➽ CHEAP ➽

    Hello, I'm selling Litebans messages different styles if you are interested u can contact me on discord: SaWZZ#4605
  20. Mcthemes

    Darken Premium LiteBans Theme v1.0

    For detailed information and support, contact Anka#9999.