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  1. Zorino

    YouTube Alerts | CoreBot Addon 2.0.0

    • Unlimited YouTube channels listener. • Each channel has its own embed. • No YouTube API required. Debug: false Channels: - # You can get YouTubeChannelID from # YouTubeChannelID: UCV6mNrW8CrmWtcxWfQXy11g # Channel to post...
  2. JoaoPauloC100

    [50% off launch sale] HIGH QUALITY, ACCESSIBLE DESIGN | Branding, twitch overlays, banners, and more

    Hi. I'm João. I've been designing for over 6 years now, and decided I would give MC-Market another shot. If you're looking for precision-made, high quality designs, I'm sure you'd love to work with me. I'm confident I can fulfill essentially any request you might throw at me, although I might...
  3. AboutU

    Minecraft Youtuber 900+ Subs

    Youtuber based on Minecraft Cheap Prices 300 - 500 views Discord : AboutU#9345 Channel Link : Uploading Trailers and Videos , also doing streams .
  4. ignTrailed


  5. mayo is cool

    SuchSpeed | 190k Subscribers | Server/Website Ads

    Hey MC-Market! My name is Sid and I'm currently working as one of SuchSpeed's managers. SuchSpeed is a 190k Subscriber youtuber that ranges around 15-30k views on his videos. He's currently open to do media partnerships! What we can do: Pre-roll ads Trailer uploads Videos Series Livestreams If...
  6. U

    Youtubers and Livestreamers for contracts/videos

    I'm looking for PRISON YOUTUBERS, strictly ENGLISH-SPEAKING youtubers, and Twitch/YT streamers. Pretty high budget, don't message me if you have like 100 subs smh, must be reputable. PM me for more information.
  7. Mo0oVeR

    YOUTUBER 90K SUBS Advertising servers via trailers and livestreams

    Uploading trailers and doing livestreams Youtube Channel (Currently at 90K subscribers) If interested contact my content manager (Immersive) for further info: [email protected] latest212 (Skype) Immersive#9781 (Discord)
  8. PekaPeka


    hello I have friend she is youtuber with 14k subscribers and I can contact her if you need livestream for your server. add me on skype : pekapeka.official I'll add her aswell and you can discuss about everything. Her YT :
  9. AstroFox_Gaming

    Needing YouTuber and Twitch Streamers alike

    So, I have been having a bit of trouble bringing people onto my server that I have recently started up about a month ago. I am looking for somebody who is able to advertise through videos and livestreaming and bring in some people to have fun on the server. I do not really have a lot to offer...
  10. ItzOmgGraphics

    Looking for a good server to stream on|50 follows 600 views in 5 streams

    Hello I want a server to stream on and advertise. In exchange I want live viewers or payment (if you can) I have a small but growing channel with good quality,nice audio and good behavior.
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