lobby spawn

  1. RConfig

    HUB SPAWN | Custom Lobby 100x100 v1.0

    » CUSTOM HUB/LOBBY Spawn « » Spawn • NPC • Portal • Parkour « MAP: 100 x 100 Terms & Conditions • You can not charge back or refund. • You can not request any edits my products. • You can not resell my products. • You can not share my products. • You can not redistribute my...
  2. Automating

    Island Tropical Beach Lobby vunmaintained

    This Spawn was created in 1.8 and is 150x150. This schematic pastes from the central spawn block (e.g. If you want the spawn at 0, 0 paste it at 0, 0)
  3. PremadeSetups

    Lutumn Spawn | Interiors, Islands v1.1

    Description | hub the size of 800x800 blocks, with places for NPCs and for your things, with residential buildings (there are also shops) in which there is a beautiful and diverse interior, with a large castle and a beautiful square with a fountain in the form of a lion, and a couple of airships...
  4. PremadeSetups

    Firewatch Themed Spawn v1.1

    A map built in the style of a forest fire/firewatch game Information: The map is supported for all versions from 1.12 (if you want to use it on 1.8 contact me :D ) Can be used as Hub/Lobby Place for 5 NPC's (possible to edit) Parkour The size of the map is 450x450 Disclaimer: The map must...
  5. PremadeSetups

    Red Kingdom Lobby v1.0

    Information: The map is supported for all versions from 1.8 Can be used as Lobby x Survival Spawn The size of the map is 300x300 Place for 5 NPC's/Crates (possible to edit) Interiors Port with ships Support is only given at our discord!
  6. Pedrayy


    ✨HUB SPAWN ✨[400x400] Cost: $5.99 SEMI-Exclusive https://www.mc-market.org/resources/19256/ Notes: Spawn is [200x200] with a DIRT BORDER Spawn has place(s) 3 Portals. Huge area for players to run around. Includes plenty of open space to add any additional things File is downloaded as a...
  7. PixelMine

    Palace Hub v1.0

    This product is for a .schematic file of a Server Hub. The hub features 4 main intricately detailed portals with giant castle towers in each corner, but also has the option for server owners to do something with the 4 smaller portals below the spawn point. The build is surrounded by custom...
  8. PixelMine

    Small SkyIsland Lobby Setup v1.0

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