1. A

    best spigot for practice server

    hello, i looking good spigot for practice server (15 usd max)
  2. Rwon

    Looking for a GFX group/Service team to join.

    Hello everyone, I have been working in a service team known as TGS (short for Tannik Gaming Setups) for around 7 months, but recently the CEO has not been active nor we have gotten any comissions. I'm currently looking for good service teams with good amount of comissions per week and good...
  3. Rwon

    Looking for Designers for CulturedDesigns - (Ts3,Skype,Discord)

    Im looking for some gfx designers for my new gfx team. the requirements are Be over 14 age (must be mature) Have a working mic Must have discord, skype or teamspeak3. Show me your previous work Willing to do your best Send me a pm on discord with this application form - Age: Discord ID: Skype...
  4. MightyKey

    Looking for a good Graphic designer

    Hey there i am about to open my server and im looking for a good designer that is willing to make some buycraft rank/items logo, server logo and a website logo, please message me on discord : Damian | MightyKey#2987 Regards Damian | MightyKey
  5. dragarcher2

    Looking For Moderators!

    Hey Everyone! My name is dragarcher2 and I am currently the admin. on 4creation. Our server is currently looking for Moderators. -More Info About Our Server You Find Below- Name of the Server: 4Creation Ipadress: Mine.4Creation.Pro Website: mc.4creation.pro Our Server: Faction/Magic [Get a...
  6. xConfirmedHacks

    Aspire Graphics | Quality | Cheap | Fast!

    Hello there! We would like to present to you Aspire Graphics. What we do here at Aspire Graphics is provide the best customer service around, at high quality or we redo our work! We ask that you do not distribute our work in any way possible! Pricing: *Prices range from $1-5. Profile Picture...
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