looking for a job

  1. sterap2705

    Looking for a job

    Hello, I'm an ameteur builder and I'm looking for a job (builder or writer). Will work for a small amount of money. DM me on Discord if you're interested srebrenica#8780
  2. S

    Java/Plugin Development Service / 2 Years of experience

    Hey, my names Skptical and I'm a professional Java developer and I have been coding for over 7 years now! I have worked on many big Servers before, InvadedLands, FallenHaven, MineSpark, FireBallMC, and even the BadLion Network when it was up! This may not sound believable but trust me I'm not...
  3. GPAServices

    Looking for experienced staff members to join GPA

    Hey there!! We are looking for the top-notch users to join our team. If you are wondering, we are a service provider. We do not affiliate with Minecraft nor any other game out there. We simply advertise and setup Discord servers, ts.servers, and websites. If you are interested in joining the...
  4. bowzer967

    [Server Staff]Moderator/Administrator

  5. Y

    Looking for a Moderation Job! (Job Found, Thank you!)

    Hello! After a long time of staying neutral on the staff spectrum, I would like to get back into the game on a large server. For those that would like to recruit me, I primarily want to play on large faction servers, or servers that feature factions as their main specialty. Here are some of my...
  6. LegendDev

    LegendDev's development thread

    Hello, i'm legenddev i'm more like a server special. I'm currently looking for a job where I enjoy what I do. What I can do I can config any kind of plugins I mean almost any plugin, I can help you out with bugs. Ive currently owned a server called legendcentral I still have it. I also have 1,30...
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