looking for admins

  1. MADiNSiDE

    MCColonies | MATURE and DEDICATED staff team required! Looking for ALL STAFF POSITIONS!

  2. lilbopbops

    ProdigyMC Looking For Staff ◇ Economy & Prisons ◇ In Development

    Heyo, my name is Chloe and I am one of the owners of ProdigyMC we are a server in development planning to open to the public by mid-October. We are planning to release with Prisons and Economy but we will definitely add more gamemodes in the future! As of now, we are looking to forge our staff...
  3. AirCraze

    Need Players! Click For More Info! [⚠️]

    Hey, i am a youtuber over 11,500+ Subscribers! I need players on my server at least over 10, when you join you earn free gold rank! :) if your late you will get iron rank :( , but I will hopefully see you before you get a iron rank! our server has these mini-games listed below: 1.BedWars...
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