looking for moderators

  1. Obviouslee

    👑 RoyalMC | Hiring Moderators, Builders, & More

    Howdy! My name is Liam or Lee! I am the owner of RoyalMC and have been running it with some success and some failure for over five years. We have been developing our hopefully final iteration of a game mode that we used to call "Mining," and now "Odyssey" for over a year now. Odyssey isn't your...
  2. Halos

    Halos Hut Network Is hiring Staff Members!

    Hello we are currently looking to hire staff members for Halos Hut network! Currently we need: :cool: Moderators Please apply here: https://www.halostv.com/Apply Join the Discord (Must Join and be active so we can have a better understanding on who you are: https://discord.gg/ZTcvZM8P
  3. MADiNSiDE

    MCColonies | MATURE and DEDICATED staff team required! Looking for ALL STAFF POSITIONS!

  4. lilbopbops

    Spartra Network || Staff Recruitment

    About Us: We are a new Upcoming Network that will be releasing skyblock and factions first. Then we will be expanding into a large network with a large number of game modes for the enjoyment of our players. We just started on our network Yesterday 9/8/2020. We are looking for new and...
  5. lilbopbops

    ProdigyMC Looking For Staff ◇ Economy & Prisons ◇ In Development

    Heyo, my name is Chloe and I am one of the owners of ProdigyMC we are a server in development planning to open to the public by mid-October. We are planning to release with Prisons and Economy but we will definitely add more gamemodes in the future! As of now, we are looking to forge our staff...
  6. Andy10166

    Ambitious and Innovative: I present BlankCraft! We are seeking qualified staff members

    Hey Everyone! My name is DoctorPropane. We are looking for staff of all levels (moderators, admins, etc.) to join our BlankCraft community. Unlike many new servers, BlankCraft has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time both in building an enormous and truly spectacular spawn area and...
  7. Ash__

    ★·.·´¯·.·★ ᴀᴛᴍᴏs ᴄʀᴀғᴛ ★·.·´¯·.·★ - !- :white_sun_rain_cloud:️ ℓσσкιηg ғσя α∂мιηs,

    Atmos Craft is a hub server with Factions (Custom Biomes), Space Prison (RPG), Cube Defense (Custom Gamemode), and potentially other games as well. We are currently looking for staff (Dev, Builder, Moderator, Admin). To Apply: Join Discord https://discord.gg/qg5GpfF Ask for help from staff...
  8. Ash__

    Looking for Mod's and Builders

    Hey, we are an unreleased server, and we are currently looking for more staff members. The position will not be paid. The Server is currently factions, prison, and our own game mode. We will probably add more in the future but that's what we have so far. If you wish to apply add me on discord...
  9. Ash__

    Looking for Mod's and Builders

    Hey! We are a new server that hasn't been released yet and looking for new staff members. The server is mainly factions, sky block, a custom game mode, and more to be added! If you wish to apply join the discord https://discord.gg/zSmwZy and apply in #staff-Applications
  10. Villainous

    Staff For New FTB Infinity Network

    Hello! About a week ago is when development started for this FTB Infinity Evolved network, and its now come to release time. Currently, its setup with bungee cord, with two servers. One for Expert mode FTB and one for Normal mode FTB. Currently, the Expert is only set up at the moment, however...