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magic spells

  1. Axmon

    Interactive Emotes For ItemsAdder 2022-09-08

    Wanna make your Roleplay Server or Fun server more realistic/Fun? Easy! Buy this product today and give your players the opportunity to interact with one another through 14 special emotes! This product has been created with extreme care and precision. The folder that'll be downloaded after...
  2. Royale Team

    Naruto Jutsus Magic Spells Config 1.9

    Naruto Jutsus Magic Spells With this configuration you can make your own Naruto style server, You can use and edit or make your own using this as reference and have jutsus on your servers there is more than 300 examples. Created with magic spells More than 300 Jutsus Easy to edit More than...
  3. Vegeta09

    Looking for someone to make custom plugin for DBZ factions server (WILL PAY)

    I'm starting up a DBZ Factions server I plan to promote using Minecraft animations. I need someone to create many techniques for me (perhaps using the magic spells plugin). It needs to be compatible for 1.8.9 -1.12. I have a list of techniques that I need created in this plugin. I'm also...
  4. Villian Deku

    ☘️ Black Clover ☘️ - ⚔️ Seeking Lore Writers, Builders & Configurators ⚔️

    Black Clover: Magical Kingdom is happy to announce the beginning of our alpha development phase. We are a sufficiently budgeted Black Clover fan-made server, bringing awesome features that brings magic, quests, and fighting to be the best to life. We have already finished the website, aside...
  5. UmiDaGoon

    [Naruto] Need Magic Spells and EffectLib Configures [Shinobi's World]

    Hello, I am working on a Naruto Minecraft server. Everything is complete for me to release the server except spells. I am in desperate need for someone who can config spells with the Magic Spells and EffectLib plugin. So please if you config Magic Spells with Effectlib or know someone who does...
  6. CrypticError

    Smash City (Minecraft Server) - (Requesting Feedback/Criticism)

    Hi, I have just finished entirely re-coding, and rebuilding my server. I plan to advertise via sponsored slot eventually. As of right now I need criticism and feedback on the server so I can further improve the game before advertising. Smash City is a custom gamemode server...
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