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making servers

  1. sofiamor

    Making Minecraft Servers!

    ==[ Hi, Everyone ]== ✣ We are here to offer you different kinds of servers! ✣ ✣ My friend and me are Bilinguals, so the server could be in two languages (Spanish and English)✣ ✣ We have built many servers before. The Game modes we offer are ➜ ✣...
  2. Speedy

    Making servers and doing configs! (CHEAP)

    Hey, im making servers and do configs on request very cheap, send me a DM with details and ill get back to you with estimated price. I have about 4 years of experience in making servers, InsanePVP, GalaxyMC, Cyphron. are some of the servers ive made. Look at my previous work to see the server...
  3. Sidewalk

    [Paysafe with PayPal!] Quaity Cheap Server Setups!

    Sidewalk Setups Hello mc-market! My name is Sidewalk, and I have been making server setups since servers were a thing! I consider myself somewhat of an expert in YAML and spigot/bukkit configurations. I have recently been asked to make some server setups for friends, and they were so satisfied...
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