map builder

  1. Drewman1k

    **Builders and Artists Needed - City RP Minecraft Server**

    Do you have an interest in helping Java Minecraft servers develop? Do you know how to build in Minecraft, or 3d model in Blockbench? NovaCityMC is hiring volunteer *unpaid* team members to work with us in our casual, friendly, non-toxic community. Experience level isn't an issue, and you have...
  2. xRemmix3

    I will build what you want in my style | 3 size | DM me ♥

    Hello Guys! ≧'◡'≦ My ingame name is xRemmix3, and I'm playing with Minecraft since 2012 and I really enjoy building what is in my mind. I have won several building events and a lot of people think I build pretty, because of this I feel like I could make some small/medium buildings in...
  3. taber

    Looking for minigame map builder - Skyblock-Skywars combo

    Hey MCM! I recently started work on a new minigame, which is a skywars-skyblock combo type of thing. I am looking for some map builders willing to make a multitude of different maps for this gamemode. Further discussion can be done over Discord. Sam Taber#4315 I have one map complete as of...
  4. BlockUp

    Professional building (Great quality at low cost)

    I love building in Minecraft, I have been building for private servers for over 6 years. I can create anything you need to provide a better experience for your server users. The prices of the constructions vary according to the size and detail they have. As I am new to this platform, I will...
  5. SrDec

    map pvp 1000x1000

    hi guys I offer this pvp map 1000x1000 click on the link to see detailed
  6. A

    Hub - Lobby - $5 paypal Skype : Almalki-bro

  7. T

    █ Best SkyPvP Map █ MMCBuilders █ 5$ SKYPE : ALMALKI-BRO
  8. C

    Minecraft Massive RPG Map for sale!

    The map will be $5.00 for each person who buys it.Plenty to explore!!! This make took about a week to build. Mods required: DivineRPG, Arcana RPG, Better questing, Biomes O' Plenty Questbook.
  9. Morgan Griggie

    Network Hub Spawn Builders / Faction Shop, Arena, ect. (If pleased more work)

    At ReyesPvP We are looking for builders! We are willing to pay (not outrageous prices) for nice work! We are in need of a custom spawn for our hub server, nothing huge, but something appealing to new players. We also are looking for a nice shop setup, something medium sized with lots of items...
  10. Octovon

    Octovon | Quality and affordable map-making services |

    Contact us with any questions you have, we'll be sure to get back to you!
  11. F

    I need a PVP map

    I need an entire map of PvP / RankUP, for more details and negotiate values contact skype fellypebueno
  12. Space3

    Need Builders for Immersive Post-Apocalyptic Map!

    Hello! We are a team of 2 map makers. Our names are MinecraftSpace ("Space" for short) and tintin10. We are creating a Post-Apocalyptic map in Minecraft 1.11.2! The "Outside-World" has all been constructed already. All we need is builders to construct interiors of the map, everything is...
  13. SlookHD

    Sold !

    Contact me in skype: Giorgi.gagnidze20 Paying Paypal
  14. DreadCore

    Building For A Good Cause!

    My Name Is DreadCore! Im a builder coder and a youtuber. I want to make some money by building for anyone! I do work with 2 partners. We dont charge dubble! So be consideriate (Chunks Btw. 1 Chunk = 16x16 blocks) My Price is $10 For Small 10x10, $25 For Med 25x25 , $50 For Big 50x50, $100 For...
  15. R

    Looking Builders For An RPG Server!

    DESCRIPTION Interested in building an unique RPG server? Join our build team! Fill out the application form below to apply! (Builders get a percentage of server's earnings!) APPLICATION What is your name? What is your IGN name? What is your age? What is your skype? What is your telegram...
  16. LGPlays

    Need Builder(s) | Free Rank | Read Thread | Not Paying

    Looking for some builders If you are a good builder then I would love it if you came on my server and built some things for me such as TNT Run Maps, Spleef Maps, Skywars Maps... etc. I will only allow one person on at a time therefore please be patient as I will get back to you as soon as I...
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