1. jojodmo

    MCGO Give your server a CUSTOM IP like in SECONDS FREE! v1.1.2

    Also available on SpigotMC: Give your server a short, simple, easy-to-remember name Protect against unwanted, random IP changes Website: The MCGO plugin automatically checks your server's IP address, and alerts you or updates your MCGO address if your...
  2. DevOG

    [C] MC:GO - Multi-Arena - [1.7.10-1.12.1] - [API] - [BungeeCord Support]

    MC:GO is a fully customizable plugin. You can change and edit every aspect of this plugin. MC:GO is almost an exact copy of the game CS:GO, but it with some logical aspects of Minecraft not being in CS:GO, I need your ideas for more features. Enjoy! Go check out my Official Spigot Resource page...
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