1. Hoknee

    Requesting YouTubers & or Media Managers in contact with popular Youtubers

    Add me on Discord: Fleekinq#9321 Hey there, Media Managers and YouTubers! I really hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out today because we're on the lookout for exceptional individuals to join us in our journey with our Minecraft Server Network. Our ultimate goal is to foster...
  2. grozaguy00


    I would love to make a soup pvp raid remake of MCTEAMS / MCPVP I was wondering if anyone had a server pre setup with soup, tracking plugins, and a spawn And does anyone have the old map spawn of 1.7? Or if someone could set it up for me I could pay you a few hundred bucks
  3. Acejr1337

    Needing a Teams core Made (Similar to McTeams)

    Hello if there are any developers here that know how to cache in redis and use mongodb I am after a teams core similar to McTeams.Com Only wanting people who have ACTUALLY played... Budget: $110 AUD (Paypal) Please get back to me, Cheers...
  4. Acejr1337

    -(Selling tMain) - Soup Core -

    Hello, Selling the jar to a soup core. from a soup server that was up in 2017 called otherwise known as Video Link: Database Type: Flat File Features, Has custom punishments, staff mode system, teams, warps, admin warps, custom kb, custom soup recipes, tracking...
  5. xjustleo

    KitPvP eZPvP [H-Setup] v5.1.6

    Feature List - over 130 abilities - no repetitive kits - completely customizable - explosion and particle physics - stats menu - team system - kit market where players can sell their kits - settings menu to edit everything in this plugin - kit search function - killstreaks - prestiges - debug...
  6. Irantwomiles

    PotatoTeams v2018-02-21

    Hey everyone, Irantwomiles here. So me and a couple friends were feeling a little nostalgic of the old MCPvP days and we gave it a go at a soup server. We knew it was a long shot and I feel like we didn't execute it correctly. I'm here selling my teams plugin (PotatoTeams) that includes the...
  7. Unsights

    Mcpvp | Hardcore Games

    Hello MCM, My name is Unsight. Some of you might be familiar with Mcpvp's gamemode Hardcore Games. if not Here's a quick overview of it. Hardcore Games, or Hunger Games as some OG's might know is as, is a Souppvp gamemode based around kits. at the start of the game you have three minutes to...
  8. T

    NEPVP - Elite Minecraft Soup Server

    Hello everyone, I'm Tenney, Owner of NEPVP or NoEnchantsPVP. Our server offers a unique play style of Minecraft PvP that will not be found anywhere else. Players can team up together to raid, fight, or set out to make bases. Our server utilizes the FastSoup and tracking plugin. More information...
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