medium hub


    Temple Lobby Map v1.0

    » This map is constructed in a Ancient style. There are ruins of an ancient tribe on the map. The map is built under the lobby. « Map information: ৹ Size: MEDIUM ৹ Island: No ৹ Version: 1.19.4 ৹ NPC: Yes ৹ Parkour: No
  2. Shottzyy

    TROPICAL PIRATE Spawn/Lobby v2

    Discord: Shottzyy#0535 if you have any questions just add me here ^
  3. CodeAdam

    Selling A Hub for ONLY 2.00!! OMG

    Well hello there just want to say thank you for clicking this i am selling a hub i made by my self this is a sand biome temple ish hub BIG NAME IK! XD Hope you like it msg me if you are interested i have proof of building but just ask for it :D <Schematic Fild Only> NOTE:Paypal only,Exclusive...
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