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  1. Ostler

    4 Portal Hub | High Detail

    ▶ 4 Portal Hub | High Quality ◀ If the image does not work, use With high quality all around, this should suit your server for you and for those who use it. Offer a price and I'll decide if it fits the build. If you have any questions or would like to...
  2. Ostler

    Skywars Map: Accepting Nearly Every Price!

    Hey guys, just made a Skywars map for fun today and thought I mine as well sell it. I'll literally take any reasonable price for it because it isn't packed with detail, but it still doesn't lack enough to be sold. If you like any other kind of build like this, check out the website...
  3. Ostler

    Midway Build Team Recruiting!

    MIDWAY RECRUITING THREAD. If interested at taking a position in our Build Team, then take a look! This Team is a Medieval Build Team. If you build any style close to Medieval such as Gothic, High Gothic, Fantasy or Steam Punk. If you are a Terra-former, you will still need basic knowledge on at...
  4. M_S_

    Midway Recruiting Thread.

    MIDWAY RECRUITING THREAD. Midway's official recruiting thread. If interested at taking a position in our Build Team, then take a look! -------------------------------------------------------------- Paycheck Receiving paychecks differs from how much of the build you have contributed to the...
  5. M_S_


    MIDWAY BUILD TEAM. Midway is the high-quality professional build team that will build anything thrown at us! We will strive to make your build the best, with outstanding consumer support! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Prices: Our prices may vary greatly to...
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