minecraft 1.11.2

  1. Alistair Smith

    Cheap YouTube Intro!

    Hey everyone, I'm doing some really cheap YouTube intros, where you choose a price above $1! This is just my way of giving back to the community! I have a YouTube which I would very grateful if you could check out and see some of my art. Here I usually price my intros around $5, but I wanted...
  2. C

    I'm selling my St. Catharines map

    Bid: $1.00 BIN: $3.00
  3. CaptainCrose


    This was accidentally opened New thread: http://www.mc-market.org/threads/224590/

    Looking for someone to build a few worlds for me!!!!(Paid)

    I currently need a Hub with kind of norse theme to it. Also looking for a kingdoms world with same theme. Also looking for a whole world dedicated to mining. Need a warzone build. Looking for someone that can build these types of worlds for me with prices. Also possible more worlds.

    Dedicated server setup

    I currently have a dedicated server and looking for someone experienced that can set my server up with factions, prisons, skyblock, kingdoms, creative world, and possible mini games. Would like to be kind of custom. This would not be something free I will pay for service.
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