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minecraft 1.7.10

  1. Demend Staff Recruitment!

    Hey everyone! FlareMC is looking for staff members! If you'd like to become one please come join our discord: and go to #applications and click the link! Thanks a lot! :)
  2. LilMata

    Uploading trailers

    Trailer: 2$ Video: 5$ I have over 315 subscribers, and over 650 views per video. My discord is: mata//LilMata#1371
  3. SmakYop

    [Minecraft Anticheat] TigerHack

    TIGERHACK ANTICHEAT The plugin is not longer in sale! Presentation TigerHack is an anticheat based on many algorithms to perform the best checks on a player and detect if any hack/cheat is activated and used. Detected hacks KillAura (Forcefield : Aimbot & Reach) Reach (3.1 min - 3.2 max...
  4. PandaCraftGaming

    90x90 Factions Spawn [NEW]

    Hey guys this is AdminPlus, and I am here to sell my first build on Mc-Market. This is a Factions Server that I have created for my own factions server that has only received about 100 players in total xD. The server had like a playerbase of 5 daily, but I am creating another map so I am willing...
  5. JewishCap

    HCF server [Need Developer, Builder]

    Hey so I'm thinking on starting up a new a server with the genre: HCF / KitPvP. I am recruiting Developers (1 maybe 2) I am also recruiting Builders (depending) Contact me via email [email protected] ALSO RECRUITING YOUTUBER IF SERVER WORKS OUT.
  6. oSpko


    Looking a Factions server that is ready that has custom plugins (Or no custom plugins). My budget atm is 20$. If anyone has a server to sell (Just the "worlds""plugins" and all that) please let me know asap or if anyone can do a cheap Factions setup name your price so I know if I can accept that...
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