minecraft anticheat

  1. NikV2

    Selling Alice Anticheat Source Code (Or rights)

    Selling Alice Anticheat Source Code (No re-sell rights, meaning you can use code it contains on ur project even commercial ones, but you cannot re-sell the entire source and it doesnt give you the right to re-release the project) Features and/or incomplete IMPORTANT Certain checks were in...
  2. GladUrBad

    Medusa AntiCheat | Fast and Reliable Detections | 3.2 Reach Detection v1.5.6

    Please refrain from reporting issues in reviews. You can join the discord server to report any issues you encounter. OVERVIEW Medusa is a simple, free, open-source anti-cheat solution for 1.7-1.12.2 servers (1.9+ support still experimental). Because of this anti-cheat being open sourced, you...
  3. SmakYop

    [Minecraft Anticheat] TigerHack

    TIGERHACK ANTICHEAT The plugin is not longer in sale! Presentation TigerHack is an anticheat based on many algorithms to perform the best checks on a player and detect if any hack/cheat is activated and used. Detected hacks KillAura (Forcefield : Aimbot & Reach) Reach (3.1 min - 3.2 max...
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