minecraft bot

  1. orbitalobject

    [Paid] Server bot to help track player built structures

    Hello, I’ve been running a modded 1.16.5 server for around 6 months. I want to find a way to locate all the builds or at the very least keep track of new ones being created. I believe a bot that can track player movement and then scan the surroundings and determine whether they’re in a player...
  2. D

    Ad Reward Bot (For using a command)

    I would like my bot to check minecraft chat for the users that advertise with a certain message. Once the bot determines who ran the command it should run a command in console to reward the user.
  3. Countdownn

    Discord Bot

  4. PD

    The Best Minecraft Server Bot, For Every Server Owner.

    Price : $50 For more information please join our Discord and create a ticket : https://discord.gg/Ks7EdU7 There is also a test discord for those who want to test out the bot.
  5. RiznSun

    MC Server Spam Bot, Useful for Advertising

    I've recently developed a spam bot for a client to be used on any server they'd like (configurable), but my client recently fell through and cancelled, so I'm looking for private offers. Continue reading for more info. Web panel of the bot: About/Technical The bot is running on a Node.js tech...
  6. Z

    Minecraft Factions Bot

    I'm looking for a mc bot right now to use in a factions server that I play on. Basically, the bot will have a roster list and the leader of the faction can add/remove players from the roster list. Because in a faction there is a maximum of 25 members and the only way to somehow bypass this...
  7. C

    Mod Creator needed! ( bot )

    Hello, I would like a mod to be created. It would be a bot / mod / gui thingy. When you join a server it goes between spawn lobbies and game lobbies saying a message. Each time it goes to a lobby it chooses 1 of 3 messages to send. It needs to have a simple GUI. Please message for more details /...
  8. SkidMyCannons_

    Discord Ticket / System Bot FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE

    Discord Ticket / System Bot FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Pricing: - https://discord.gg/tDtqZ5K - 10$ - You will receive a License Key to the bot, along with the files. This is to prevent redistribution. If you ever need the HWID it locks to reset or anything else, create a ticket in our discord...
  9. Y

    Im looking for powerful minecraft spambot. 50€ Budget

    If you are interested send your discord here. Budget around 50€
  10. Tarun

    Cheap Developer to work with 2captcha

    Hello there, I need a Cheap developer who can work with 2captca to make a bot If you are interested add me on discord or dm here Tarun#4927
  11. ToughGuy

    Minecraft Voting Bot Selling reselling rights

    Hey guys, I am selling a minecraft voting bot and if you have budget i can sell you resell rights as well with its source code It has auto proxy feature which doesnt require you to put proxy in it. It will get proxy automatically from some websites If interested add me on discord. ToughGuy#9845
  12. Sasuke

    Make this script/bot

    Hey! So I'm looking for someone that could make me a bot/script that can write a command in chat every 5-10 seconds. A pretty easy task that I cannot do. Would appreciated if there is anyone willing to make one/already got one.
  13. Tarun

    Voting bot for minecraft server

    Hello I wanted to buy a voting bot for my minecraft server for websites like minecraftservers.org,minecraftserversbiz, minecraft-mp If someone have that type of bot they can message me on discord. Tarun#7103 Thank you