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minecraft factions application

  1. F

    looking for developer for server 1.7-1.8

    looking for developers for Factions Server
  2. D

    Exp Archon Amber Recruitment

    Exp is recruitng for Factions Amber! Whats so good? -Experienced Owners -Active Members -Fair Treatment What do we want for the faction? -NA, EU And AU Timezones -Base builders -All round good factiond players Requirements -Neeed Schematica -12 and over -Know how to do basic factions...
  3. Griff

    HollowPvP | Requesting YouTubers - 500 - 2k Subs | Paid by Buycraft

    Hello, my name is BurnetPvP and my server is in need of YouTubers! If you'd wish to apply please have the following requirements! - 250 - 2k Subscribers - 50 - 10k Views (Per Video) - Activate Channel - Have Discord. - Joined the discord server ( ) - Know what...
  4. Bpav2005

    Requesting Staff - ALL RANKS

    Hello I am Bpav and I own a server called Exodus Factions We are a brand new Factions server that needs staff. WE DO NOT PAY FOR ANY RANK INCLUDING ADVERTISER We currently need Admin - 1/2 (Admin is not going to be a starter rank for anybody) Advertiser - 0/1 (We are not paying commission or...
  5. oSpko

    Osiris PvP Network LOOKING FOR STAFF

    O s i r i s P v P N e t w o r k --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are currently looking for professional staff meaning looking for staff members that are mature and trusted enough to look out for the server...
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