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minecraft host 2016

  1. AKNode

    Please close thread | AKNode

    (edited) Please close this thread. There are obviously many issues with AKNode at the moment that we did not notice. I will start a new one in about a week when we have all of these kinks sorted out. Thank you to everyone who provided constructive feedback and tried out our services.
  2. UberStudios

    HavocHost ✪ Tons of Free Stuff Included ✪ $2/GB ✪ Top Tier Support

    HavocHost is a hosting service that teamed up with DarkestCodes (Plugin developer) and UberStudios (Graphics artist) and 2 other individuals in order to provide premier hosting services suitable for all types of servers. We offer top tier support, that includes 24/7 ticket support, discord chat...
  3. LemonMan512


    Hello Pearson viewing this thread, I will not share my name but I am currently looking for some technical support work at a Minecraft hosting company. My age is currently 15 years old. I currently have experience with WHMCS, Multicraft, and any Live Chat software. I am not required to be...
  4. IB Hosting

    $3.99 MINECRAFT HOSTING | Unlimited Players

    Simple | Reliable | Affordable All plans include: Unlimited Players Blazing fast SSD Drivers 24/7 Premium Support Multicraft Panel Free Anti DDOS protection Free Maintenance 24/7 uptime We are known for our quality of service and low prices...
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