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minecraft plugin config

  1. nthByte

    nthByte Services | ⚡ HIGH QUALITY SERVICES ⚡

    If you'd like to do business with us, you can join our discord by clicking the flyer or you can add C10#9398!
  2. qEclipse

    Discord Bot [PAID]

    Hey. Today I will be requesting a discord bot & plugin. My plugin request is a plugin that syncs with litebans and shows when punishments are given. (Posted in a discord channel using the bot) There are 4 punishments: - Mute - Ban - Kick - Warn Each message should be customizable along with...
  3. Sharquisha

    Sharquisha's Config Setups | CHEAP AND FAST

    Hello, I am offering a plugin config shop. I will be offering myself to help create and edit configs for anyone who needs helps for a small price. I am also selling my services because im trying to get my rep higher, and more known on MCM. And I figured this is a great way to start. Interested...
  4. Fozzie

    FREE Configuration Of ANY Plugin!

    I am offering free configuration of any minecraft plugin (With very few exceptions) With a small charge of a Vouch in order to boost my rep (As I don't scam), fill out the form below in the comments if you're interested in my services: Plugin: Means Of Contact (E.g Skype etc.) (Don't post your...
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