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minecraft to discord

  1. ABDevs

    Advanced Discord Logger 5.2.0

    Advanced Discord Logger is a very powerful event logging tool for single server owners. Think it's too pricy? Lifetime ADL Support costs almost around a monthly subscription to Netflix. Ain't that bad, is it? ADL v5 has lots of breaking changes. You need to do a clean install of ADL for it to...
  2. Frostayy

    ✨Verifier✨[ ✅ GIVING VOUCH COPYS ✅ Minecraft -> Discord Verification | API | Discord & Minecraft }

    NOT SUPPORTING OR UPDATING PAST 10/10/2019 (still for sale though) FREE 1 WEEK TEST COPY Giving a free test copy to anyone who wants it, Trying to test this plugin ATM. Join the Discord Below and request one. VERIFIER (Minecraft to Discord Verification System and...
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