1. cemalz

    Minemen.club - Spigot (dewgs)

    I'm searching for a custom Spigot configuration with remarkable knockback, precise hit detection, a straight-only Bow Boost, improved rod mechanics, and other features akin to what MineMen or similar servers have. My preference is for a unique Spigot tailored to these specifications, ensuring a...
  2. Hyndman03

    MineBadMC 1.7-1.8 | Looking for beta testers on my custom pvp game modes!

    Hello My name is Chase I own a small network server called MineBadMC and Its been in development for about 2 and half years now and we currently have 2 finished game modes and 1 coming very soon you may have heard of them or even played them on The Park MC or MineMen Club. Right now we currently...
  3. Zowp

    zMeetup - UHC Meetup v1.3

    zMeetup is an optimized 1:1 replica of Minemen Club's gamemode UHC Meetup. This plugin can only run one game per server. Join the discord to receive your license & for more updates https://discord.gg/jNXr9X48JW Fully configurable Custom World Generation Bedrock border for 1.7 players...
  4. ky678

    Request - Custom knockback settings similar to minemen.club

    I don't have paid spigot forks or plugins for this. I would prefer settings for free spigot forks such as windspigot/pandaspigot, but settings for free kb plugins are also fine if the end result is good. Budget: 5-10 USD Leave your discord info if interested
  5. Adomen

    KnockbackMaster Settings

    Hello, i am finding a good knockback settings, similiar to Minemen club I am using a spigot plugin Knockback Master, i'm not good at making a knockback settings so if you guys can make me some or have premade settings feel free to contact me: discord:adomen#6969 I can pay but i need to test...
  6. H

    Minemen Club Punishment Messages Remake!

    *-*-* Minemen.club Litebans Messages! *-*-* Created by Dossiers Note: If you'd like a custom config then feel free to leave a PM here or on discord! Message broadcasted when a player is banned. Message broadcasted when a player is unbanned. Message broadcasted when a player is muted...
  7. joeleoli

    [SALE] Praxi Revamped - Leaderboards - Parties - Player Events - BuildUHC, Sumo, Parkour Support

    Praxi was previously sold on another thread but it has been re-written and updated. Previous customers will not get this version for free, but if you're interested in purchasing again, you will get a discount. Praxi comes with a free copy of Zoot and SpigotX as Praxi depends on both. Purchase...
  8. Irantwomiles

    New Practice Plugin [Everything You NEED]

    If you would like to test the plugin, hop on Pm me Hello people of MCM, today I'll be selling my new Practice plugin! I have been working on this for sometime now, it was a side project for a while and then I just kept adding things to it. This plugin isn't finished, I still want to add a...
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