modpack hosting

  1. Awex

    Modpack Server Hosting

    Hi, I'd like to announce that I'm opening a service for Hosting packs and Servers for people. This means that I'll set up a modpack for you and a server. I'll provide the modpack setup, and I'll provide a server setup which includes permissions, donation store, and a selection of five plugins...
  2. TheTuberX

    ´Builder , FTB Ultimate 1.4.7

    Hello! I just opened a brand new Modpack server (FTB Ultimate 1.4.7). IP : Website : (Still gotta edit the Donation Store) We already have a Spawn but just for those weeks, i would need a good Builder to build a huge and nice spawn :). Skype...
  3. GigabyteHosting

    Cheap Minecraft Hosting| 2/GB | Free IPv4 Addresses | Modpack Support | Ddos Protection

    Cheap Reliable Minecraft Hosting Solution [Website Link] Features Free Dedicated IPs Buycraft & Enjin trials Modpack support Ddos proteection Custom jars Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Disk space Reliable ECC 2133Mhz Memory
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