monthly crates

  1. DawidKs

    Epic-Crates v1.0

  2. Splodgebox

    EliteCrates v1.0.7

    HeroicCrates is a BRAND NEW customisable 3D animation lootbox plugin that allows you to unlock your box at a station by dropping it within a configured radius of blocks. Create an unlimited amount of different crates, as much as your server hard drive can handle :) Change between different...
  3. B


    Im looking for partner packages plugin like ViperMC or Monthly crates like FaithfulMC if anyone trying to sell me that plugin add me on discord. I speak French and English By_Luky#4283
  4. PM2.

    AdvancedCrates | Premium Animations v3.9.51

    Need help? Have questions? Join our discord server. AdvancedCrates - a crates plugin with the most EXCEPTIONAL animations for your server This plugins focuses on making the experience of opening crates a cut above of any other server (Note: Speed of animations, amount of rewards and...
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