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motion designer

  1. Gau

    I will edit your videos for free to make a portofolio

    I want to make a portofolio so i edit videos for free Discord: Gau#3189 P.S.: i dont have any videos edited by me because i reseted my pc so dont ask for a portofolio
  2. Team V0RTEX

    Opinions And Suggestions For Recent Animation

    So one of my team members made this outro thing for our videos. I like it but wanted someone else to give their thoughts and opinions?
  3. Ascari

    Gadz Visuals Productions | Professional Video Production | Quick & Affordable

    Background: My name is Gadz and I am a Video editor from the United States. I have been editing for many years and always look for ways to improve. I have edited with some of the biggest well-known teams out there and have branched off to be able to do Freelanced work and more Professional work...
  4. Xperial


    Hello guys my name is Xperial and im making banners,logos,thumbnails what ever you want very cheap!! Banner and logo 3$ Intro 2$ 2 thumbnails for video or stream 2$ Contact me on my discord Xperial#7650 to make a deal.
  5. ItsNotBlazey

    Graphic and Motion Design Shop

    Hello, are you looking for high quality graphics, for cheap? If so, look no more! I have over one year of experience with graphics and motion design and would gladly help you with your graphic or motion design needs! (I don't do all types of graphic and motion design) Prices : Banner : 1$...
  6. Bhenner

    Bhenner || Professional Animator || Render Maker

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