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  1. vakaris

    aMultipliers 1.0-SNAPSHOT

    aMultipliers gives players a multiplier boost for money, mob coins, experience and mcmmo when the event is running. It's a great way to reward your players. Availabe Multiplier Types: Money Mob Coins Experience mcMMO Screenshots: Command Usage: Event Start: Event End: Receiving...
  2. Mufy

    Harvest - Upgradable HarvesterHoes with Trench, AutoSell, and Multiplier Options 1.1.1

    NOW WITH TRENCH OPTIONS!!! (see second video below for more information about it)
  3. Rivalry

    [10%OFF] Professional Config Pack DeluxeMenus|DeluxeTags|BeastTokens and more!! 1.4

    Here is: DeluxeTags menus with DeluxeMenus! Prison Shop with BossShopPro! AutoSell-Multiplier Shop(2 economy: Money and PlayerPoints) with BossShopPro! PotionEffect Shop with BossShopPro! Drugs Shop with BeastTokens! CrazyEnchantments Shop with BeastTokens! Commands Shop with BeastTokens...
  4. Bertan

    Need a plugin that can multiply my online player amount

    Hello, Does anyone know a plugin that can change the amount shown on the serverlist? I don't need a plugin that shows a defined number. I need one that multiplies in a multiplier of the current amount of online players. Thanks!
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