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need builder

  1. sycle

    Need Builders For Schematic Store!

    Hey MCM! I am currently looking for builders who would be interested in selling their builds on our soon to release website. Our website will be selling many kinds of minecraft based products such as schematics, maps, plugins and even server setups! This project would be a symbiotic...
  2. Titeiiko

    Builders for Map of Earth for Server

  3. Bunnnni

    [FlarePVP] Need Developer,Admins,Mods,Builders

    Hello, my name is Emily or Bunni I am the founder and CEO of FlarePVP LLC and we're a new hcf and pvp network in development . We are looking for staff of all ranks except for managers. 1 or 2 SpigotAPI and Bungee Developers who know JavaScript and PHP and HTML and MySQL and Mongo and Redis...
  4. yunksoup

    CookieMoonMC Need staff & builders!

    Hey, My name is yunksoup and I am currently working on the development of bungee cord server. At the moment we are still developing the server and will be open for beta soon! There will be many game modes such as KitPvP, SkyBlock, and Factions. We currently need staff and builders. If you are...
  5. L

    Builders Needed! New Hub Server Coming Soon!

    Hey! My team and I are currently looking for skilled builders to help with our soon-to-be alpha released Hub Network server. The style we are going for is Medieval and I would prefer to see a portfolio of your own builds/maps! Just pm me here if interested!
  6. Xayden


  7. ItzBunniYT

    MCHQ.CF New network Staff needed and players

    MCHQ is the most amazing cloud network you will ever find! We have mind-blowing amazing builds, A lot of friendly and supportive staff, an new player base community and an custom forum webpage being developed!We are looking for staff and builders and players and this server is only in beta but...
  8. Kolliider

    Looking for builders that can make me a survival house (will pay)

    We have an area cleared out we just need some skilled builders to help us take our new world to the next level. Will pay whatever is necessary.
  9. Sako

    ✪ High Quality Cheap Builds & Plugin Setup ✪ - Symmetry, Wolf & Ninja Trio

    Brought to you by the Symmetry, Wolf & Ninja trio, Is a build & dev trio based on helping servers with builds and plugin work. We offer cheap packages, With our flagship package offering a Lobby, Spawn, MiniGame Map & Plugin Setup as well as an extra build or plugin related perk for just 50$...
  10. Dalifor


    I'm paying builders to build things based on images(on my server), pm me to discuss about that. Images example: Oops: It's not necessary to build all the details (obviously impossible)
  11. AliceMC


    Hello mcm I'm looking for a Builder, possibly creating a Portfolio I need you to make a 20x20 Skyblock Spawn where you can put Crates, Rules and to enchant. I will leave the building for a vouch.
  12. DeusTheOx

    Seeking Builders for Oriental Architecture

    I am looking to get some Oriental style builds done for a small city I am working on. Mostly Japanese/Chinese styles. I need houses, shops, pagodas, decorations, etc... Looking for 10-15 Builds, perhaps more if you are really talented and price is fair.
  13. IronGolemDestroy

    Looking for build team (Look In Post For Whats In It For You!)

    Hi peoples I'm the Owner/Creator on a Server that is soon to come, I am working really hard on setting up all the plugins and everything, What I need though is a build team (or singular person) to build us a spawn for free. Whats in it for you? • I will advertise you (Or your build team) so...
  14. X

    ◐ Requesting Interior Designer | Unique Server ◑

    Hey there! I'm looking for interior designers to work within a unique server concept, that is being brought to life. We are currently strong with exterior building production, development and 3D modelling. Development is key here since the network will be 100% custom. As an interior designer...
  15. JewishCap

    HCF server [Need Developer, Builder]

    Hey so I'm thinking on starting up a new a server with the genre: HCF / KitPvP. I am recruiting Developers (1 maybe 2) I am also recruiting Builders (depending) Contact me via email [email protected] ALSO RECRUITING YOUTUBER IF SERVER WORKS OUT.
  16. _Dubstep

    A extremely detailed and accurate map of RuneScape

    The server I currently co-own is working to open a new and amazing rendition of Jagex Ltd's game RuneScape. We will be featuring completely custom plugins and map which is why we are looking for a large team with tons of experience. A basic knowledge of the game and map will help tremendously...
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